Heroes & Heroines

Well, a bright idea turned into a longer project than expected for me tonight, and I just finished.  I am still a “newbie” when it comes to Bollywood and I was feeling ashamed about how I forgot some of the actors names.  So, I thought, I would find pictures of them and then add their names to a file or some such thing.  Then, the idea fell into my head that adding their names TO the pictures themselves would be even better.  Better yet, let’s crop them to the same size and make a wallpaper! Alas, no.  It became a tw0 hour project that FINALLY resulted in this:  BollywoodStars-by-KamalaChanI hope you enjoy!  I know it’s my new favorite thing.  It’s got all my favorites, and a few others that I admire and like to watch too.  (Plus some greats that are more famous than really one’s that I like, but are growing on me.)

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