Stuck In My Head

I can’t get two songs out of my head lately.  Eien by BoA and Come Back to Me by Utada.  If these two songs are any indication I am going to immensely enjoy their upcoming releases.  Although, from reading a few things, Utada herself is worried that they can reach the deadline for the release the company has declared.  I read her official Myspace blog page and she has great confidence in this album and I am hoping that Come Back to Me is the first of many great songs off of the album.  While Eien isn’t one of the songs BoA is releasing here, it is nice to connect to her singles again.  I haven’t really liked some of her releases lately.  But I can’t seem to get these two songs out of my head.  I’m including a link for the video of Eien so you can enjoy too.  If I ever get enough traffic on the site I plan on upgrading and then using the internal server to upload music and videos for you, but for now, here is what I can provide:

Click Here!~

I’d have included the video from Come Back to Me, however it is still in the final editing stage and hasn’t been released yet.  When it is I’ll do my best to share it.  For now, give your radio stations a call and request the song – it’s released here in the states, so it should have the opportunity to get air time.  Let’s get Utada on the top the charts!  I tried to upload the HQ version of the video I had to a file hosting site but it got rejected for copyright infringement. 😦 Sorry to have to use someone elses!  Hopefully they will realise that they get publicity this way someday instead of taking everything away.  It’s the only way a lot of people around the world can actually stay fans of all kinds of stars.  And that’s all I’m going to say because it will turn into a long rant when all I meant to say was that I really liked these two songs!