There is a great duet that hails from Okinawa, Japan that I just love.  The band name is Yanawaraba (an Okinawan language saying meaning no-good kid in the dennice the menace kind of way.) and they are just lovely.  It is hard to find a group that breaks free of over-production and that stays true to themselves and what they want to be.  The group Yanawaraba is compiled of two childhood friends; Yuu Ishigaki (Vocals and sanshin) with Rio Aizato (Vocals and guitar.) The music they create definitely sets them apart from most moder Japanese Music.

A video is available here and I’ll set up a link for the music once I’ve gotten it all together.

It’s really hard to describe the sound of their music to someone who’s never really been exposed to Japanese music or traditional Asian instruments and singing styles.  The use of the sanshin is very relaxing, when mixed with the smooth harmonization of Yuu and Rio’s voices it’s just very soothing.  The music is uplifting, even if you don’t know the exact meaning of the lyrics.




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