Kit-Kat not just chocolate.

I’ve always said that the Japanese people have a penchant for taking something made somewhere else and changing it so it’s something new and wholy Japanese.  One of these examples is the Kit Kat bar.  They have many different flavors including (but not limited to) Strawberry, White Maple Sugar, Tiramisu, Custard Pudding, Green Tea, Azuki Bean, Jasmine Tea and Pumpkin.  Yum!

Kit-Kats A Plenty

Kit-Kats A Plenty

By the way; some of these flavors are available for purchase from, or you can always check your local Japanese market.  Yahoo or Google are good ways to find them.  Just type in: Japanese market near ______(enter your zip code here.)  You should be able to find one close by in most cities.

One thought on “Kit-Kat not just chocolate.

  1. jen says:

    where can i buy some of these at a reasonable cost in the U.S.?

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