Delhi 6 – a new favorite!

Turn around Abhi!

Turn around Abhi!

Oh man, it’s been too long since I posted!  If you were reading this page with any kind of regularlity – I’m sorry~  I haven’t been able to hook up to the internet at home yet because of financial reasons, and I’m only borrowing the wireless at my uncles from the back porch (and man, it’s hot out here!)  Anway – onto the review.

I didn’t do any of my usual screen capping for Delhi 6 since I watched it upstairs on the tv.  But, I’ll still write about it.

I was lucky enough to get this movie from Netflix on Tuesday – the day of it’s DVD release.  I’d heard pretty good things about it and I actual really like (ok, maybe a little love) Abhishek Bachchan.  So, I was pretty much guaranteed to like it.  I didn’t expect to LOVE this movie though.

The story is centered around Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) a young man from the US who takes his ailing Dada-ji (grandmother) back to India to live out her dying days and to perform her last rites in the Ganges when the time comes.  Initially, Roshan finds parts of life in Chandni Chowk to be backwards and amusing.  The loud people, strangers offering him food and horses sniffing at him while they wait in traffic all seem to be part of another world.  After a while in Delhi though, he finds that the people are filled with life and he begins to feel attached to the community.  Bittu, the daughter of a family friend, scoffs at his “Burger-wallah” or American ways and keeps her distance from him while trying to accomplish her dream of getting onto India Idol.  Roshan learns about his family history while in Delhi too, he finds out that Ali-Uncle was once in love with his mother, but never acted on it or fought for her like Roshans’ father did.  Being raised by a Hindu father and a Muslim mother wasn’t a big deal to Roshan until events in Delhi 6 start to unravel and the fear created by the mysterious Kala Bandar (Black Monkey) spiral out of control and affect Roshan in a way he never expected.

I base my rating of movies on how long I think about them afterwards.  If I forget about a movie a week or two after seeing it, it’s a good sign I wasn’t too impressed.  But, if I think about the movie a few times a day for a week after viewing it for the first time, it means that movie is a keeper.  Delhi 6 is one such movie.  I try not to give out spoilers -so lets just say that at one point of the movie I literally put my hand over my mouth and started crying.  I was just shocked!  It was a moving film to say the least.  I kind of get annoyed at older actors playing opposite much younger women but, in this film it wasn’t too bad.  I think it’s because of some of the popular actors in Bollywood, Abhishek is younger – only 33.  Not as creepy as Salman Khan who is 43 playing the love interest of someone in the late teens or early 20’s.  ((Somebody is having trouble letting go of their youth.)  Nonetheless, Abhishek is a great asset to any film.  He plays very compassionately and his warmth actually comes across very clearly.  He still can’t dance though…

Sonam Kapoor held her own against the more seasoned Bachchan and I think she will be a great new star in Bollywood, hopefully she doesn’t have to play the love interest of much older uncle-ji’s though!

If you are looking for a great movie to watch this is a must-see.


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