Festival of Nations

It might be a little late but I am going to report on the Festival of Nations that took place over a month ago already.  (Where is my time going this year?!)  I had a lot of fun, but because of poor scheduling on my part I had to leave pretty early and missed out on a lot.  I didn’t realize until we were leaving there was a big stage upstairs with even more dance performances and I would have liked to see some of the different cultural dances.

That's me in my new Hindustani ear-rings.

That's me in my new Hindustani ear-rings.

I had fun watching a performance of Sa Re Ke Sa Re and the lovely woman directing the children on stage had the audience singing along with her.  I’ll upload the video when I get a chance.

Singing time!

Singing time!

It  was fun, but there was a kind of creepy looking gauri guy in the back of the group.  He was kind of odd and didn’t smile or anything…  I guess it just threw me off.  If he was smiling and acting jovial I’d have been ok with him, but when he was kind of grumpy/emotional/whatever I think he should have stayed off the stage.

After we watched this my friend and I wandered into the cafe area and kind of made pigs out of ourselves.  I had a small piece of lefse, which when I moved to Florida I didn’t realize how specific to MN and northern-European heritage this treat was!  I was happy to have a little taste of my childhood.  By far my favorite thing there was my yummy samosa with mint chutney.  Mmm.  I bought some mint chutney at the Indian market yesterday, I’m not sure what I’ll do with it since I can’t make samosas (yet), but I’ll find something to put it on and make tasty.  I wanted to get mendhi done next, but there was a long line and I had to be back out in the suburbs to meet someone to go back into the city for a Twins game.  ::sigh:: I’ll have to plan for a longer trip next year.  Maybe I’ll see if they need some volunteers. That would be fun.

There was a really cute Pakistani guy that my friend and I were sad we didn’t notice before I bought my samosa because he was peddling the same thing and it would have given us a chance to chit-chat.  Oh well.  Anyway, if you have a chance to next year you should go check it out – they are open for three days and have great cultural performances going on all day.  I have to get off the interwebs because I’m on the porch and a storm is rolling in!  Have a great week – maybe I’ll make it out to this next weekend:

Very Exciting!

Very Exciting!

I wonder what the dress code is?  Do I have to have a sari?  Hm… chances of me going seem less and less if that’s the case.  But, it does sound like a heck of a lot of fun!


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