Korean Drama Review: Jumong

Makes me want to learn archery…

Well, after 81 episodes, 6 months, and oodles of melodrama Jumong is finally done

!  (This drama originally aired in Korea in 2006.) I have been borrowing this from the local library and had to wait between discs a lot, sometimes even forgetting what was going on in the show.  As one of the most watched and most loved shows in Korea I had to watch it.  I’m glad I did too, even  if I fell asleep a lot and fast forwarded quite a bit.  Haha…  I didn’t know what I was in for when I first started.  I only knew that it was a historical drama and was very popular.  I didn’t even know how LONG it was!  Aigoo!  It’s actually a relief to be done.  It’s a challenge to really summarize this series – so I’ll make it pretty brief. (SPOILER ALERT.  Of course, if you don’t plan to watch this, or you have any knowledge of Korean history it probably doesn’t matter.)

The story starts off following Haemosu, the leader of a rebellion army that is set to reclaim land and people pushed aside by the Han (Chinese.)  Haemosu is friends with Keumwa the prince of the local kingdom, Puyo.  Together they fight for the people.  After losing a battle to underhanded means Haemosu is caught and eventually believed dead, leaving behind his (not-yet/never to be) wife who is pregnant with his child.  As a result, Keumwa takes her as a concubine when he is crowned king of Puyo and cares for in Haemosus’ stead. After years pass and Jumong grows up (as a rather pathetic and lazy youth) along his “ha

lf” brothers (Unknown to most they aren’t even related.) After a trip into the outer world Jumong grows and learns that there is more to life than boozing and womanizing.  While away for the first time Jumong meets Sosuhno and eventually falls in love with the strong-willed merchants’ daughter.  Jumong starts to try and live up to his potential and becomes  a common target for pretty much everyone.  After lots of drama and different situations Jumong is forced to hide in a local jail where he meets his future master.  A blind man that no one seems to know anything about.  They escape the jail together after a fasion and Jumong learns martial arts from him, becoming a great force to be reckoned with after learning all of Haemosus’ techniques.  Jumong returns to the castle and after a short while finds out that his late master was his father, only to be too late to meet him – Haemosu has been killed for his previous deeds by Jumongs brothers.  This creates a rift between the family that Jumong grew up with that will never heal.  Sosuhno becomes the object of Prince Daeso and Jumong at the same time and when Daeso becomes the acting King while Geumwa is recovering from a war injury Daeso tries to force her into marriage.  Daeso goes out of town, and Sosuhno marries her bodyguard and mentor – Wootae out of fear that she will be forced to marry Daeso against her will.  While the king is sick, Jumong is forced to follow the orders of his brother Daeso and eventually is pressured into marrying Yesoya, a woman who saved his life that he feels indebted to.  Jumongs’ discontent with how things are run in Puyo and the way they treat the migrants of the old country cause him to finally leave Puyo in search of his own path, leaving his wife behind with his mother in order to protect them, promising to return when he’s built a better nation.

After a few years Jumong re-creates the Damul army alongside long-time friends and sworn blood-brothers Oi, Hyopbo & Mari.  Together they band together an impressive group of fighters and even the best iron-smith in the land – Mopalmo.  (Aigoo, I’m already tired of this summary…I’ve written this far and left out SO much…)  Eventually, Sosuhno comes back into the picture having faced her own trials with a very similar goal to Jumong – create a nation and unite her people.  Out of necessity and mutual interest, Jumong and Sosunho join together.  Ultimately creating the nation of Koguryeo.  A shift in power in Puyo puts Jumongs mother, wife and child in danger and they are forced to flee.  Yesoya and Yuri escape to an unknown fate, while Yuhwa is caught and brought back to king Keumwa.  After 15 years of being separated Jumong is re-united with his son Yuri and his first wife, Yesoya only when she is dying and Yuri is filled with anger that such a great man is his father but he was abandoned to live a life of danger and suffering.  Yuri is caught up in a power struggle when he first arrives in Koguryeo leading to a shift in power for the empire.  Jumong continues to lead his people to prosperity and eventually, Yuri succeeds him.

::sigh:: That, my friends, is just a tiny portion of what really happens in Jumong.  I fast-forwarded mostly any scenes that were extended recall/replay scenes.  You know what I’m talking about.  For about 30 seconds our characters stare off into space looking thoughtful and shoot back to a scene either from 5 minutes ago (ANNOYING!) or several episodes before (almost as annoying!)  Jumong is a great series nonetheless and is pretty usefull in getting to know about Korean history.  I’m sure tons of it is dramatized and made up, but they try to stick to facts as often as possible.  The acting is amazing, as always the Koreans can cry at the drop at a hat.  Song Il-Kook had quite the roll to portay in Jumong and I think he did it very well.  Changing from immature “teenager”,to battle hungry and spirited young man then into the stoic and powerful leader of a new nation was a challenge that he took on with great success.  Han Hye-Jin was beautiful, powerful and at times vulnerable in this role and it seems funny to me that she can also play characters like Geum-Soon in Be Strong Geum-Soon.  Bae Su-Bin was probably my favorite secondary character as Sayong.  The not-quite-a-man and yet obviously not a woman that stays by Sosuhnos’ side the entire series.  His interactions with Hyopbo always made me smile.  It’s hard to say that I would recommend this to any one, because it’s such a highly specific genre of show, but if you’re in fo a historic drama or are really into Korea like I am, then you have to see this series.  (Probably more than half of Korea did – so you should too!)  I kind of feel bad for Lee Jae-Sook.  He is the actor that played Prince Piryu, who has a big role in the last few episodes but is SUPER hard to find information for online.  He looks familiar so I was trying to find where I had seen him before and couldn’t even find HIS real name until I did some real digging.  “Ne Inoom!” LOL.

4 out of 5 stars.  (It was WAY too long…)

88 thoughts on “Korean Drama Review: Jumong

  1. ARAQS* says:


    • I though he affected only me with his close-to-life act but when I discuss “the work” with friends, I realised that it is truly superb. Kudos to the director of the film. He is really a genius, the cast? they are fantastic.

  2. angie gonzales tan says:

    love your show even now, still watching it a channel 11 re run the drama, we didn’t miss any episodes, nice show>>

  3. I realLy love jumong I have been ever seen such as more beautiful story than Jumong. It makes ms angry and cry

  4. MISS GIFT says:

    I like korean drama so much especially of King JUMONG.



    In fact, i would have missed a lot, but i can tell you that king Jumong is the best.


    We are looking forword for another one please.

  8. mercy says:

    i have seen dis muvee 3 times nw i love jumong’s personality! King geum wa is a real character of a monarch! I hate dae-so’s lust 4 power,young po’s lack of tinkn maks me laugh…so-seo-no is a beauty queen! Yoo hwa is courageous.ye soya is too slugish.i cant 4gt oh-yi,mari,hybeo!u guys are awesome but dis is d best season muvee i ve seen.

  9. jimoh ibrahim kale says:

    Ju-Mong is a kind of film which touch every aspect of life.ve being watch seasional film ju-mong is quietly defferent,uique & best ever. Every secene sweet as honey,both actors & actresses were perfect & also make it(ju-mong) perfect. Shortly,i̶̲̥̅̊ love ju-mong.

  10. ABRAHAM YUSUF says:


  11. Olayinka joseph says:

    I really love this drama, out of all drama have been watched Jumong is the best.

  12. martins says:

    king jumong i love u ..i misss u jumong

  13. damola oyetade says:

    I luv jumong for real wt’s his real name…

  14. Patience adejo says:

    I am a nigerian,i loved every minute watchn jumong!wud luv 2 chat d wt d guy dat acted as jumong ‘a’!lol.but wud luv 2 knw more abt him

  15. P. C. Mrosso. says:

    I love the drama soo much It’s so good It’s an arranged story, good work.

  16. yommy ogundele says:

    Jumong is a film of the moment in africa now particularly in nigeria, the guy that play the jumong character really play it well and the small yuri. But I don’t like the way the film was ended, but good work

  17. lynda says:

    Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH KING JUMONG. PLS I WANT TO KNOW THIS CHARACTER IN PERSON. PLSSSSSS. Sae so no, i learnt alot from you.

  18. ibitoye obafemi says:

    nice movie, i love it

  19. ibitoye obafemi says:

    Nice story……..nice movie……..i love so seo-no

  20. esther gabriel says:

    i really enjoy ur movie

  21. Bilyamin Hassan says:

    Hmmm… What a life-touching & emotional movie! Every single word is important to hear it, I’ve learnt alot 4rm Yeon tah bal & soe su no. King Gum wa, Jumong, Ohyi are my favorite in action! Tese ja of bu yo, I kind of hate him in the 1st place but eventualy I realizes his patrotism to buyo. Mo pal mo, Maro and Chubalso have done well, cuz they make us laugh and sometimes cries. In short, if there’s any word more than GREAT, pls use it to describe this movie. Lv 2 knw d true idetity of d acters & d actresses at the fore-front! Guma so bita!

  22. Odusanya Adeyemi says:

    I luv d film Jumong nd d actors,jumong,lady yohwa,muhyul,maro nd supervisor are very inteligent.Young yuri is brave.In short its a nice nd interesting film.We re expecting anoda.

  23. Yinka Quadri says:

    Jumong, for me and my entire family, we love you, we love the part you took in the movie (Jumong) Nice of you. Despite the fact that we did not hear your language, we understand the movie very well. Tell me what is ur next movie name?

    Love you

    Yinka Quadri
    Lagos State,

  24. Stone Toyin says:

    I dnt have any interest in watchig seasonal movie but since wen my brother bought d season 1 of jumong n i watched it,d mvie arrested my emotion n i bought d remaining season myself…JUMONG is my best movie.

  25. Stone Toyin says:

    JUMONG is my best movie

  26. samuel kiarie says:

    am from kenya and i realy love jumong.the best series i have watched, but i hate the way it ends

  27. Abraham imomoh says:

    i love the korean drama JUMOG

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  29. Gabriel Kavishe says:

    I’ve watched afew series of Jumong and am in love with them,can watch them again and again, and forever.He’s the real Master of the Martial Arts,He talks less and does great-I love his personality!

  30. Hawwah dee says:

    Waw jumong is ma best tv series. sad it ended

  31. sylvia bioh says:

    i love jumong

  32. mercy agha says:

    I’ve been watching films, but i’ve not seen any film more interested like jumong. It touches every aspect of ones life. It shows that before one succeed, he must go through fire and thorn before he make it but once there is a mistake it has to be amended else, it life may be dangerous.

  33. Ezeja Amanda says:

    I love this movie.its my best ever.my actor hae mosu,geum wa,dae so,young po,mari,oh yi,hyeopo bo,mo pal mo,u guyz killed d movie.even though some were good,some bad,u all did ur best nd i love u.but my heart pours out to one person JUMONG.he is like an angel to me.i dream about him day and night,calls his name in my sleep,infact am just going crazy about him.apart from this film i hav seen u in other movies u are a very good actor.so calm and humble.i really want to meet umy regards to lady yoo hwa,her majesty,ye soya,so seo-no,yeon ta bal.please jumong this is my facebook name EZEJA AMANDA.am a decent girl

  34. Doreen says:

    JUMONG i like everythg abt it!!

  35. Soyode moyosore temmythorpe says:

    Sincerely speaking,i love jumong, though am a Nigerian, i enjoyed every episode of the movie, since then have been watching korean movies including a man called god,etc.keep up the good work,God bless you

    • tijani riliwam says:

      this a very inst resting movies that i have never watched in my live king jumong is a very brave man in this movies i love him and sosono and lady yesoa and his people

  36. Agnes says:

    I love the movie JUMONG…this film has kindled my likenes for season films…keep it up actors and actresses,i learnt a lot from each actor and actress….i would love 2 meet song il gook in person and also people like the beautiful ‘yeon’,king geumwa e.t.c if possible,coz i would really love it…..wishn you the best in life

  37. william mwafyuma says:


  38. Alabi kayode says:

    Jumong is an interestin movie,the whole episode was nice,but am hopin for season 13,i luv yeon,yeojin,muhyul,maro,seryu,haemyong,so soe no.I rili learnt alot 4rm jumong especially d vocubalaries,i mean d subtitles nd learnt one or 2 lessons from d movie.i wish i cud continue seein d movie,luv all d characters in d movie.

  39. nickey dave says:

    I never like the name of the film.I was like was this. Jumong JU what! Luckily and fortunately for me I bought season 1..oh my gush dis film is interesting

    • Samuel says:

      U said jst ma mynd,i was like ju what! Bt unfortunately 4 me,wen i watched it,GOSH.!!!,I FELT I WAZ IN D T.V. And i cud nt stp watching wat i felt.

  40. prince adeniyi john oluwaseun says:

    can i b friend with bcos i love watching ur films

  41. Olasiyan Temitope Matilda says:

    Jumong is outstanding. luv 4 his excellent role in A man called God and sea God.
    keep the flag flying

  42. Love says:

    I so much luv Jumong,everythin abt it is sweet.i realy lik d person who played d role of jumong,he’s too much.pls i wil like 2 knw u beta

  43. tawa-orogbemi says:

    I luv jumong is very interest film among all season flim. I wish 2 known ur next movies

  44. Niky Ihua says:

    the movie Jumong is one of my best movie and I love it. I also acknowledge the author of the movie. I love the following actors; jumong, lady Seo No, Muhyul, Maro, lady Yeon,Hae myung, Guchu, Chamgum. Balso Hyopbo, Hae ap and jumong sword brother including the sword maker: they really make me laugh, Mahwang also make me laugh. It really a movie I acknowledged.

  45. Thancino Blessed says:

    I so mch LOVE ‘JUMONG’

  46. Jumong is quite an interesting movie.The characters should be awarded for playing their roles well

  47. Jumong is quite an interesting movie.The characters should be awarded for playing their roles well.I will miss you guys.

  48. I wish i could see ‘So Seo No’ in korea one day, i must try my best to talk to her

  49. Joseph says:

    I love the film, its so spectacular. I never had interest in films that are not acted in english , but this film caught my attention….i love yesoya’s beauty, shez fit for a beauty queen……then so seo no is also beautifull but ye so ya is mor beautifull…..but i dont like how jumong left her in bu yeo

  50. samuel says:

    i can neva 4get this very interesting film JUMONG is very very luvly

  51. Nnadozie prince says:

    Infact,i love Jumong’s humility despite all odds,i love his friends.Greater love has no man than this that a man lays down his life for his friends.i love ur movie.

  52. sheillah says:

    love to watch it over and over really captivating feel like being a korean

  53. Jumong!very interested movie,jumong is very determined and inteligence,So-seo-so is clever helpin jumong in this movie and is not selfish

  54. ESTHER says:

    I really love the story. Indeed, the acting was lovely. But the problem I have is knowing the full and real name of the popular guy JUMONG… The guy is So handsome. I really want to know whom the guy is.

  55. Umar Abubakar says:

    My best movie so far but do u what my best man is Geum wa his majesty.

  56. Chizubelu Nzewi says:

    Jumong is d most interesting movie i have ever watched. I learnt a few korean words lyk omamama(father) and peeya(your majesty)

    • Samuel says:

      Lolz,peeya nd omamama,i used 2 say bobomama,
      Bt dat film z d best i can ever watch,it boost ma moral every seconds i watch it.

  57. ameerah says:

    I luv every firm jumong Act,such like a man called god,act of seduction,ditetive in trouble,sea god,and jumong,I luv all his firm very much,hw I wish I can see him one on one jst 4 chat,pls tel me wat is d name of ur latest movie,pls cos seein makes me happy very much.

  58. Ilekhue ruth says:

    I luv watching jumong everyday

  59. Meme says:

    I like both Yesoya and SoSeoNo but SoSeoNo was a warrior queen. She had all aspects. She was ready to fight when it need be and then turn around be the Queen. I like Yesoya for what she was but SoSeoNo was on another level. She built two nations and helped make two men kings of those nations.

  60. Meme says:

    Jumong was very Good. It is obvious Jumong loved both Yesoya & SoSeoNo but he did love SoSeoNo more. Make no mistake I liked both couples.

    I liked both couples but Jumong & SoSeoNo was the best..😃😃 OMG!! They loved each other. They fought together. They built Goguryeo together. SoSeoNo was the woman behind Jumong’s success. They are what we call a Power Couple. I was mad they got married for political reasons even though they loved each other. I took it as their lasting love was the foundation for their marriage. Their marriage was the foundation for the nation. When SoSeoNo left, The way he was riding so fast on that horse injured and all to see SoSeoNo one last time was so powerful. It showed Jumong truly loved SoSeoNo. Even though they did not stay together in the end. They loved each other. True love doesn’t have to have a happy ending because True Love never ends.
    Jumong & SoSeoNo😃😃!!

    All the actors and actress did an amazing job in Jumong. The actresses that played both SoSeoNo & Yesoya are very pretty women and both are very talented actresses.

    I liked both Yesoya & SoSeoNo but SoSeoNo was on another level and was way ahead of her time. She could fight and fought when she needed to. She was a lady when she needed to be. She was very intelligent. She built Goguryeo and eventually built Baekje. She made two men kings of those nations. That is amazing. I am patiently waiting for K-Dramas based on SoSeoNo, Biryu, and Onjo. If somebody from South Korea is reading this put this out there. Don’t get me wrong Yesoya played a part. She sacrificed a lot for Jumong and so did SoSeoNo. They both sacrificed a lot.

    Daeso? Was a crazy sadistic nutcase who needed to be put down. The way he did SoSeoNo was crazy. He did not love SoSeoNo. He wanted to possess her. That is not good. I am glad she rejected him and did not end up with him. His wife Sulran was just evil. How she did Yesoya & Yuri was wrong. I am glad Daeso & Sulran did not procreate. The actor and actress who played them both did very good.

    Sayong? Was the best. Loved the character. Sayong & Hyoppo’s interactions were funny and cute at the same time.

    Jumong was very good. The character development was amazing to watch. The actor who played him did an amazing job. Bravo!!!!

  61. When ever am watching the movie i don’t like it to stop i love it

  62. Stone root says:

    After jumong, u know, i thought of having a korean muvies’ library ofcoz. I, dont infact regret sayn that, these guys are more than ordinary actors n actresses.really interesting, jumong! I guess i wil one day be in korea n ther i wil ofcoz b eager 2 meet yesoya n jumong bt big up mo palmo u did great.

  63. B 2C says:

    merci de votre education,et nous aussi nous serrons patriote comme jumong

  64. Abdulrahman Haruna says:

    I like the film for many reasons but hate it for one reason which is that (it replace my favourite movie)

  65. Would like to meet the director of JUMONG. Also, I wish to be connected with Geum Wa, Jumong, So seo No, Deasonu and Mo palmo.

  66. Pinky Lee says:

    Thank you so much for this review. It’s been 7 years since I first watched Jumong/The Book Of Three Han. Of all the series Ive watched (including those non sageuk/non historical), this is the best. I can’t even explain its greatness. So yeah, thank you! I’m re watching this now^^


    This movieJUMONG is an outstanding movie that teaches the wisdom of life.It touches all aspect of living.The inspiration that put the work together is Great.I sincerely applaud the producers.

  68. Samuel says:

    Love d film

  69. jumong! Jumong!! Jumong!!! Al d way, really dnt kw wat say (speechless) bt its realy a lyf touchin story especially d part wer Maro dead it wz realy touchin bt ma heart pours out 2 jumong he s truly an icon, luv uuuu nd wish 2 meet u.

  70. adeyera folakemi says:

    jumong,u are d best actor i have ever seen in my life,i salute u o,we Nigerians loves u,pls keep d great and good job up

  71. Esther Deborah says:

    i luv Jumong n evry tin abuo him; i l wil like to get in contact with him

  72. Pistel says:

    What a great story,jumong is really an intresting movie,love it so much

  73. Vik says:

    I love this drama(JUMONG) and I want to know Jumong’s real name

  74. HUSSEIN COHEN says:

    i could not tears running down my face when i watch this drama, especial the life of jumong and his father haemosoo


  76. Saheed Ademola says:

    I realy love dis movie called Jumong, am more interested in dis movie, i learn alot From dis movie, it make me strong.
    Jumong, oh yi, mari, Hy poe, maro, sho soe no, u are all did great work,

    My question is that, did koguryeo Beat Han Nation after conqure Buyeo?

    Saheed Ademola Tallest

  77. Alan carr says:

    I read your review and I TOTALLY agree with what you were saying. I’m sorry to say that I had to force myself to keep going to actually finish it and I couldn’t stop the relief when I did, however I LOVE this series and recommend it to anyone cos they are missing out. But sometimes I think that they shouldn’t have dragged it on, as when Haemosu jumped in I was thrilled and watched dozens of episodes but afterwards it got a bit boring. Like the strategising and schemes got a bit old towards the middle and I got a bit impatient when It would flash back to the scenes before I just feel like shouting “I know!! I remember now just get on with it!” Like you mentioned. I love Sayong as I have a soft spot for him after watching him play as Chun Soo in the Korean series Dong Yi and I was astonished when i compared Soseono and Geum soon which makes me love the beautiful actress even more. Your summary was very good and I admire you for actually covering the main factors without giving too much away as I wouldn’t be bothered! I have a sort of craze for Korean series but I always have to push myself to finish them as most have over 60 episodes with one hour long episodes and some episodes contain an hour of not much action. I think Korean history is very interesting and have been watching stuff like Jong Geum, Dong Yi, Queen Seon Deuk and many others. I also say Korean lines like ‘aigoo’ ‘ne inoom’ and many others I can’t spell and I must say that some Korean dudes are cute!

  78. esosa ogie says:

    which other film did jumong act

  79. eni says:

    U ar the best jumong

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