Random promotion: Asian Pop Addict

Ok, so little while back, I stumbled across this random podcast.  It’s from three girls in Miami doing their thing and just loving (or hating) Asian pop culture.  Sweet.  Not only are they well informed (do they really get to live with all the current news they keep up with, or do they have the internet streaming in front of their eyes all the time?), they have great personalities and are open minded.  I’ve only been able to catch a few episodes, but I plan on starting from the beginning.  I kind of feel like they’re my friends even though we haven’t met (yet.)  The basics of the show are pretty simple, the three of them get together and talk K-Pop and J-Pop news (a few bits from China are thrown in and this last week there was a little Bollywood love thrown in there ((Yay)), teach you a few phrases in Korean and jam down to some music.  If you’re looking for a way to stay connected to the Asian pop scene and don’t have the time to always be searching for news, this might be the way for you.  The shows are a little on the long side, about 3-4 hours or so, but it’s great fun.  I listen while I’m at work, and since I can have my iPod on all day they help the days go by a lot faster.  Check them out!


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