DBSK – is this the end?

In light of their recent lawsuits, the great Dong Ban Shin Ki (DBSK/TVSQ/Whatever you like to call them) have halted ALL their group activities.  I think this is sad.  While, I can only point out and name one of the members, I do have all of their albums and am a fan of theirs.  They have amazing voices and can harmonize like nobodies business.  I find it disappointing that the contract with their producers/managers are causing the group to suffer and their fans along with them.  I love Korea and all their amazing musicians, what I don’t like are the horrible contracts they are forced to work under and the conditions that they have to put up with.  The word is that it’s just temporary, but the break that N’Sync took years ago turned into an un-official break-up.  I just hope that this doesn’t have to DBSK.   For more info check out this.

So much for that!

It was a big deal last year when G-Dragon released his solo album. And then, while enjoying his success he was accused of plagiarism saying that his song Heartbreaker was a rip-off of Flo-Ridas’ Right Round.  Well, on G-Dragons’  new live album release there is a new re-mix of Heartbreaker featuring; guess who?  Flo-Rida.  Take that folks!  Sometimes I think that people get a little too quick to accuse others of copying and plagiarism.  The mind is a sponge and it keeps things that it likes and if an artist happens to use a similar beat or if it even remotely sounds the same they are up in arms.  I think that the songs very barely resemble one another and to have Flo-Rida collaborate with GD is proof that they respect one another.  Score one for the Koreans! 🙂

I can has shoes too?

P.S. – on March 16th G-Dragon paid a fine and was cleared of all charges of plagiarism. 😉

On the naughty list…

at the top?  Rain.

Who holds their only American concert (of the year? decade? who knows…) on CHRISTMAS!?   In a country filled with Christians who are busy celebrating the holiday, is a Las Vegas concert on the holiest Christian holiday really a great idea?  It kind of excludes a lot of his fans.  I know lots of his Korean fans are Christian too and are busy traveling and spending time with family.  I am very sad and angry about this.  If the rumors/loosely believable facts are true Rain has settled on this spring to start his compulsory military service, which means he’ll be out of the public eye for two years starting then.  ::sigh:: I’m just angry I can’t go and that he decided to host his concert on those two days.  (December 24, 25th.)  If YOU want to go check out ticketmaster here.  (Since when did he become “THE” Rain?)

Here he is looking deceivingly cute and innocent:   Bah! Humbug!

And speaking of military service, at least we got our Gong Yoo back!  Here:

Well done! Welcome back!That’s something to smile about!

Coming (back) to America!

Daniel Henney is someone that I’ve been following for awhile now.  He was born and raised in the Mid-West United States (like me!) and is somehow a huge star in Korea.  (O_o)  It helps though, if your mom is Korean and you are very handsome.


Daniel (as featured in Cosmo)

Daniel (as featured in Cosmo)

I first spotted him in My Name is Kim Sam-Soon and fell head over heels in fandom.  So, I’ve followed him in his other various acting bits (My Father, Seducing Mr. Robinson) and have watched his Korean get better with each new attempt.  Something else that amazes me!  He does all this and isn’t even fluent in the language!  It gives some courage to a girl trying to go back to school and become at least profficient in a language enough to get by over there.  So, imagine my surprise while I was watching tv (gasp!) last night and I spotted him in a promo for Three Rivers that’s premiering this fall.  I planned to at least watch the pilot because Alex O’Laughlin is starring in it and I miss seeing him in Moonlight.  The television masters always seem to cancel my favorite shows. That’s probably why I don’t watch that much American television, the stuff that does appeal to me ends before they finish the story line even.  At least in Asia they plan for a show to be one season, have a beginning, a middle and an end.  If it was REALLY good and REALLY popular they extend it and create separate story lines that could stand alone if need be.   It got me excited enough to dream about him last night.  Can’t remember much, just that he was there.  All I can hope for is that the show does well so two of my favorite actors get a chance to shine and show America what they’ve got.  Now, if I could just find a way to sneak on set. . .