I’m going to create an ongoing index of the words I use in my blog that might be foreign to others.  They are romanizations of words common to other languages that get stuck in my head, and much to the disdain of my friends and family, get used in my daily conversations.

dil=heart (hindi)  

matlab=meaning? (hindi)

kokoro=heart (Japanese)

baka=idiot (Japanese)

kamsahamnida = thank you (Korean)

arigato= thank you (Japanese)

seollal 설날 (traditional New Years bowing.)

pabo= idiot (K0rean)

sakura = cherry blossom

Bi (비)= Rain (Korean) get used to this one – it’s the name of my favorite celebrity.

lai see= red envelope (Chinese)

xie xie ni= thank you (Chinese)

baitwande = impossible/unbelievable (Korean)

otaku=fan boy/girl (Japanese) not the nicest term to Japanese, but foreigners tend to wear this title as a badge of honor.

mendoske= “What a pain!” (Japanese)

aniki=older brother (Slang-Japanese)

dorobo= theif (Japanese)

bakemono=monster (Japanese)

yaar = dude/pal/buddy (Hindi)

dost = friend (Hindi)

tomodachi =friend (Japanese)

gori = white girl (Hindi; to be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure if this is a polite way of saying it, but I’ve heard it in films and also from other folks like myself who are into Indian culture…anyone know?)

deewana= craziness (Hindi)

kya hwa= “What happened? / What’s Up?” (Hindi)

usso! = lie! (Japanese)

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