I was re-born last night.

Into an On Joo-Wan fan.  I watched My Mighty Princess and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was overwhelmingly taken in by On Joo-Wan.  I adore him.  (I also love the fact that I’m lucky enough to fall for someone older than me for once; even if it is only 20 days older…)  I was mostly struck by his versatility.  He was vulnerable, adorable, charming and tormented all in a short period of time.  I know that the movie was supposed to be about So-Hui and her struggle to be normal, but in all that struggling I fell head over heals with the show stealer that is On Joo-Wan.  Why isn’t he in a lot of dramas and getting tons of attention?  I don’t understand this.  My next post will be an actual review of this movie.  But, for now, here is lot’s of Joo-Wan! 🙂

The many faces of On Joo-Wan (Ilyeong)

The many faces of On Joo-Wan (Ilyeong)

The most down to earth celebrity EVER.

His name is Jackie Chan.  I read his blog whenever he has time to post and I am always amazed at how humble and caring he is.  It is one thing to be good at what you do, and then make a living out of it; it is another thing entirely to not let it get to your head.  If you read his blog you will see.  For the last month or two he has been in New Mexico filming for his next movie The Spy Next Door. While the movie itself looks like a combination between The Pacifier and Accidental Spy (another JC movie), I’m just amazed by Jackie Chan himself.  He posts pictures of the kids in the movie and all the fun he has been having living in the US for awhile.  Here is a picture of him:

Jackie fell in love - with Lowes!!

Jackie fell in love - with Lowe's!!

I love the fact that he is enjoying so many simple things about life instead of being out there buying name brands, driving fancy cars and cheating on his wife.  (Although there are rumors that he does, it is hard to believe.)  He also goes on to advocate recycling and tries to control the crew’s wasteful use (or lack there-of) of bottled water.  Jackie Chan remains one of my all-time favorite stars for things like this.