Japanese Drama Review: Anmitsu-Hime

Starring: Inoue Mao as Anmitsu Hime
Koide Keisuke as Sembe
Yuki Imai as Amagurino Suke “Am
Masaki Kyomoto as Kitsubanu Ryu
Morisako Ei as Ohagi-chan

This manga-turned-drama-special is about a young princess in a made up land of Japan that laments her status and the necessity for an arranged marriage. She decides to “escape” out into the streets and explore live and find love. Along the way she meets a group of street kids who help her see the real world and to understand that life isn’t just black and white.

I adored this “special.” They only ran an hour and half “made for tv movie” of Anmitsu Hime, but it was a very fun and charming show. I have been a fan of Inoue Mao for a long time, so she was what really drew me into the show. Her acting is getting better and better and this role of a “tomboy princess” suited her just fine. I also liked Koide Keisuke in his role as Sembe. I saw him before in Nodame Cantabile and he was hilarious, it was nice to see him in a more serious role. In general this is a comedy and I had a lot of laughs watching it. The names of the characters alone (Anmitsu Hime means “Syrup covered bean jam princess”) were enough to send me into a fit of giggles. It’s hard to keep a straight face when the characters are named after different foods – kind of like Sorcerer Hunters where the main character is named Carrot. The silliest of shows can sometimes become my favorites. I think that Yuki Imai and Ei Morisato stole the show though. They were charming and amazing as their respective roles. I think that acting at such a young age is amazing and to do it well is quite a challenge. I guess I am a sucker for a pretty man as well because I loved Masaki Kyomoto’s character of the playboy “secret guardian.” I hope that you can find the time to watch this short gem that SARS-fansubs has distributed kindly. You can always find great things at their website.