Still Bolly-viewing!

Just this weekend I re-watched Jodhaa-Akbar and (bleh) Race.  For reasons unknown to myself I did like a lot of Race even when I know I shouldn’t I guess my affection for Saif Ali Khan outwins my dislike for Akshaye Khanna and random violence.  I fast forwarded a lot and wasn’t always paying attention.  I did, however go see Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.  Ranbir Kapoor is working towards become as famous and welled loved as his father.  I fully support him.  He plays the sweet and vulnerable role very well, as well as being relatively stuck up and above the rules.  I even liked him in Wake Up Sid, which in general is a an unlikeable character.  I’m glad to say Ranbir also has another film coming out this December (the 11th to be exact) and I’m looking forward to it.  There’s something about  Sikh in his full beard and turban…  I giggle like a school girl at the trailer – all I’ll say is wait for the last five seconds of his speech.

I’m also excited for Three Idiots – the new Aamir Khan movie.  It will the first one of his I get to see on the big screen, I’m excited!

3 Idiots - yay!I’m happy the Brookdale 8 is playing these movies check them out here. They always put what’s comeing soon and list when they are playing all the different shows.  They show Telugu and Tamil films too – but they don’t he subtitles so I haven’t seen any of them yet.  If Maghadeera comes back for another showing I probably will go on Sita-ji’s recommendation.  I’m sure there are other films coming out soon, but I don’t know about them – oh except Kurbaan, which is a terroromance and I’m pretty uninterested in it.  I’ve not found one that I like yet.  I’m just a happy-ending kind of girl!

Until later – Alvida!  (Ja-ne fits better though as I’ll see you later!)

PS – I just read in a despcription of My Name is Khan that SRK’s character sets out to meet Barack Obama! LOL.  That will be interesting!