Did you know?

That EDC is back, bitches?  Oh, man, this made my week. I found out his blog has been re-instated and he’s been posting since November.  I’m so happy.  I’ve always loved and supported Edison, even when other condemned him, or I’ve had people look down on me for being a fan, I never cared.  He’s funny and charismatic, not to mention highly talented in creating great clothing and fun toys.  One day, I’ll be able to afford something of his.  For now, I’ll be satisfied checking his blog each day and being quietly entertained.  Hopefully, there is a cd in the works.  Did you know he was in The Dark Knight?  That was the biggest surprise to me, since it wasn’t reported or put out there at all.  I was watching it and did a double take thinking “Was that EDC?” Rewind. Pause. Yes, yes it was!  That was pretty much all I saw or heard about him in the last three years which really made me sad. Things that happened weren’t his fault and it wasn’t something he asked for, but he had the guts to face people and take the blame.  But, I just think having to leave for so long was too tough of a punishment. I just hope he took the time “off” to regroup and that he comes back stronger than ever.  From the looks of the product coming out of CLOT these days, he might just be starting to do that.  Stay tuned, and I’ll keep you updated! Or you can check him out for yourself: Here!

Edison Chen

EDC is back!

Minneapolis Asian Arts Club?

I am contemplating creating a Asian Arts Club in the Minneapolis area – I wonder if there is anyone who would be interested in joining.  I would like to meet once or twice a month, to enjoy various movies/television shows and music or just about anything to do with South Asian culture (As discussed here on Daydreaming Lotus. ie: Korea, Japan, China, India) I’d be open to other cultures too.  I think it would be interesting.  I wonder if I can drum up some interest?

The most down to earth celebrity EVER.

His name is Jackie Chan.  I read his blog whenever he has time to post and I am always amazed at how humble and caring he is.  It is one thing to be good at what you do, and then make a living out of it; it is another thing entirely to not let it get to your head.  If you read his blog you will see.  For the last month or two he has been in New Mexico filming for his next movie The Spy Next Door. While the movie itself looks like a combination between The Pacifier and Accidental Spy (another JC movie), I’m just amazed by Jackie Chan himself.  He posts pictures of the kids in the movie and all the fun he has been having living in the US for awhile.  Here is a picture of him:

Jackie fell in love - with Lowes!!

Jackie fell in love - with Lowe's!!

I love the fact that he is enjoying so many simple things about life instead of being out there buying name brands, driving fancy cars and cheating on his wife.  (Although there are rumors that he does, it is hard to believe.)  He also goes on to advocate recycling and tries to control the crew’s wasteful use (or lack there-of) of bottled water.  Jackie Chan remains one of my all-time favorite stars for things like this.

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!  Although I didn’t have the money to truly celebrate the holiday this year, I made sure to check my horoscope and wish everyone a happy new year.

(My Zodia = The Pig)

(My Zodiac = The Pig)

In Chinese culture, the lunar new year is much more prominent.  In fact, the calendar new year is hardly noted and only some people actually celebrate it.  During new years the elders hand out lai see (red envelopes) of money to the youngsters in their family. Traditionally they also light fireworks in order to scare of bad spirits, and to welcome in good luck.  There are numerous traditions and different symbols that are followed and observed in the biggest holiday of the year.  It’s bigger than Christmas is here.


In Korean culture it is called Seollal (설날.)  One of the most time-honored traditions of lunar new year is dressing up in a hanbok and performing Sebae; a bow of respect to their elders.  It’s rather specific, and is sometimes hard to figure out if you aren’t used to it.

Here is a clip of Rain/Bi (비) trying it out. 🙂 Hooray for silly commercials. 🙂

The Japanese celebrate with the U.S. during the calendar New Year, and one big tradition for them is to dress up in kimono and visit the local temple to pray for luck in the new year and to draw their horoscopes for the new year.  Oshogatsu is a fun time, and I’ve spent a couple of them at Morikami feeding the fish, making mochi and eating yakisoba.


Hanetsuki at Morikami

I hope no matter where you are or what your beliefs are, you can enjoy the start of this new year – if you celebrate with the moon, or follow the calendar a bright new year is upon us.