Korean Drama Review: Jumong

Makes me want to learn archery…

Well, after 81 episodes, 6 months, and oodles of melodrama Jumong is finally done

!  (This drama originally aired in Korea in 2006.) I have been borrowing this from the local library and had to wait between discs a lot, sometimes even forgetting what was going on in the show.  As one of the most watched and most loved shows in Korea I had to watch it.  I’m glad I did too, even  if I fell asleep a lot and fast forwarded quite a bit.  Haha…  I didn’t know what I was in for when I first started.  I only knew that it was a historical drama and was very popular.  I didn’t even know how LONG it was!  Aigoo!  It’s actually a relief to be done.  It’s a challenge to really summarize this series – so I’ll make it pretty brief. (SPOILER ALERT.  Of course, if you don’t plan to watch this, or you have any knowledge of Korean history it probably doesn’t matter.)

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Let’s all look like Geum Jan Di!

I was looking at winter jackets on YesStyle today and found this:

Add the Shinwha High badge and you're all set!

Add the Shinwha High badge and you're all set!

There are a few small differences, but I find it interesting and funny that anyone would really want to wear this around Seoul anytime soon. . .

Comparison Shot:



It might be ok here in the US where you wouldn’t be seen as a trend follower or a giant Boys Over Flowers fan, but it’s silly either way.   Just thought I had to share!