How NOT to treat an infant: Pt. 1

Sita-Ji, Apunbindaas and I have all commented on certain fight scenes that involve small children, and how NOT to treat them.  Here is another example taken during the Telugu film “Bunny”:

We start off well enough. This is a good example.

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American Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

Where do I begin?  I had so many thoughts about this film on my way home and when I signed on to twitter I almost blurt them all out, but reserved myself, only to forget most of it now. First off, I was interested in seeing Mika Nakashima. I’d heard that she’s the first of the infected shown in the film, therefore, she obviously dies quickly in story line.  She may have only been in the movie for 1 minute or so, but OH, what a minute!  Since I saw it in 3D, the SUPER long pan of her in the rainy Shibuya crossing was beautiful and then:



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Did you know?

That EDC is back, bitches?  Oh, man, this made my week. I found out his blog has been re-instated and he’s been posting since November.  I’m so happy.  I’ve always loved and supported Edison, even when other condemned him, or I’ve had people look down on me for being a fan, I never cared.  He’s funny and charismatic, not to mention highly talented in creating great clothing and fun toys.  One day, I’ll be able to afford something of his.  For now, I’ll be satisfied checking his blog each day and being quietly entertained.  Hopefully, there is a cd in the works.  Did you know he was in The Dark Knight?  That was the biggest surprise to me, since it wasn’t reported or put out there at all.  I was watching it and did a double take thinking “Was that EDC?” Rewind. Pause. Yes, yes it was!  That was pretty much all I saw or heard about him in the last three years which really made me sad. Things that happened weren’t his fault and it wasn’t something he asked for, but he had the guts to face people and take the blame.  But, I just think having to leave for so long was too tough of a punishment. I just hope he took the time “off” to regroup and that he comes back stronger than ever.  From the looks of the product coming out of CLOT these days, he might just be starting to do that.  Stay tuned, and I’ll keep you updated! Or you can check him out for yourself: Here!

Edison Chen

EDC is back!


I feel like I’ve been neglecting my child here on Daydreaming Lotus. But, alas, I still have no internet at home.  I am planning to change that before September when Rains’ new drama is due out, so I can watch him in the comfort of my own home.  I also plan on purchasing a new computer that will make things a lot easier as my current one is dying.  Until then folks – hang in there!  I have plans of starting a podcast, regular reviews with optional downloads and more fun goodies (I have a pile of things that are growing for good give-aways) Until then, hopefully the few people who read my blog stand-by!